Founded in 1992 by Salvador’s father, Salvador (Sal) Melgar and Marielisa Hernandez’s farm is located in San Agustín Acasaguastlán. While 26 acres of the farm are dedicated to coffee, the farm has nearly 780 acres dedicated to forest preserve. On-site, the coffee is white honey processed, which means that most of the fruit pulp is removed mechanically before it is dried on patios and raised beds. It’s a medium bodied coffee, with milk chocolate and baking spices and the standout flavor notes. The Peña Blanca is a classic morning coffee. This coffee is Cost of Production Covered (CoPC) which is at the core of how we source our coffee. Coffee is traded as a commodity, though we may treat it as a specialty good. The prices paid to coffee farmers per pound haven’t changed much since the 1970s, and certainly haven’t taken inflation into account. These prices are often below the cost to produce a pound of green/raw coffee. We need to know these costs so we can appropriately compensate farmers and not perpetuate inequitable trade dynamics. Price transparency is listed on the bag label!


12oz bag

Whole Beans

Guatemala Peña Blanca, Sal and Marielisa Melgar


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